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I am business graduate and have almost 18 years of experience in supply chain, operations and administration. Been able to serve many renowned companies of Pakistan in dairy sector, enabled me to visit most of the cities of Pakistan. In my professional journey, I realised that safe, healthy and balanced drinking water is scarcely available.

Hence, after continuous efforts we launched a Pure and healthy drinking water for my Pakistanis especially Sahiwalian fellows without compromising hygiene, quality and safety at most affordable price

Do Aab means TWO WATER,RO Plant is located between two canals and naturally deep well water results are extremely Good.

Do Aab’s state of the art plant provide clean drinking water. Imported Minerals are added to make sure the natural balance in the water. Minerals are important for the immunity development. The mineral dosage is balanced as per International standards. This will reduce the infection rate as 80% disease is due to unhealthy water.

We believe Natural Water and Natural Life improves our immunity to fight with diseases.

We strive for excellence and Eager to provide “Endless Purity for your family”

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